Vodafone has launched a new USB modem that it claims is the fastest yet. The new smooth, white offering works with any laptop (including Macs) via a USB port and can offer speeds of up to 7.2Mbps.

Aimed at professionals on the move, the claim is that the potential speeds will give you 14 times faster download speeds and 22 times faster upload speeds than standard 3G.

Made by Huawei Technologies, a Chinese manufacturer, the device is £49 on 18-month contrast and £99 on 12-month contracts with monthly costs from £25 a month.

Those who don't want to commit to a long term agreement with Vodafone can purchase the device on standalone basis for £170, and then pay £8.50 a day to use it.

Pocket-lint can reveal however, that as exciting as the promised speeds sound, the actual network support for the claimed 7.2Mbps is limited.

These speeds can only currently be achieved at airports and in the centre of London, although Vodafone assured Pocket-lint today that they are rolling out support across the network rapidly.