Vodafone UK has extended its recycling initiative with the help of Global Cool.

The aim is to encourage as many people as possible to hand their old phones into a Vodafone store for recycling or reuse.

All funds raised will be donated to Global Cool, the environmental campaign committed to helping people reduce their personal CO2 emissions.

The aim is to inspire one billion people to reduce their annual carbon footprint by at least one tonne of CO2, therefore slowing down the global warming caused by our emissions.

The initiative is simple and open to everyone. Recycling bins are available in all Vodafone stores and Vodafone will accept any old mobile, unwanted chargers or other equipment.

Alternatively customers can simply put send in their old handsets via the freepost envelope which they receive when they upgrade their phones.

Some of the funds raised will be used to support the Global Cool campaign to encourage people to do simple things to reduce their personal CO2 emissions and some will go to promote the use of solar devices in Zambia.