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(Pocket-lint) - The future of Evesham Technology is looking increasingly uncertain today as news comes in that the company has been forced to go into administration.

We reported late last week that the firm had managed to stave off closure by securing £10 million worth of funding from PCC Technology, the company run by the former Time and Tiny founder Tahir Mohsan.

Evesham Technology, struggling since Gordon Brown pulled the plug on the Home Computing Initiative, had said that they would have close most of its own brand retail stores due to poor performance but things appear to be worse than that.

Apparently over 100 staff were made redundant on Friday, told that the company was going into administration. They were asked to leave the building and informed that bailiffs would be coming in over the weekend.

This afternoon the firm's website is up and running, describing itself as GeeMore Technology Ltd t/a Evesham Technology.

Companies House has no record of Evesham Technology going into administration, and reports suggest that staff are waiting to hear about wages owed.

The company has issued no further statements. Any angry, and somewhat defamatory, entry on Wikipedia reads:

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"Evesham Technology has on the 3rd August 2007 made almost their entire workforce redundant as Time UK plans to restructure using the Evesham name on their inferior products."

"The remaining staff will stay to complete outstanding orders until they will finally be made redundant. PC manufacture will then be relocated to India where lower production costs will ensure competitiveness. Support will also be eventually outsourced overseas to reduce operating costs."

"Richard Austin MD was quoted earlier in the month as saying 'Every man has his price' but is seems that every soul also has its price as loyal Evesham staff were escorted off the premises by hired security."

"Staff who have been with the company a great many years were simply told that a meeting would take place at 5pm. During the meeting staff were told that their employment was terminated with immediate effect."

"An employee was quoted as saying 'Shame on Richard Austin'."

"Evesham Technology however failed to warn any of the staff that their Showrooms that they no longer had a job. Staff only discovered this they Bailiffs arrived and informed they had to leave as none of them had jobs, kicked them out and changed the locks."

"Customers calling the Consumer Care line have been advised that the company is in administration."

Writing by Amy-Mae Elliott.