The Unofficial Apple blog is reporting that a nameless UK gent has been able to get an iPhone working on a UK network.

Achieving what was thought to be the impossible has raised many eyebrows from others currently involved in attempting a full iPhone hack.

Apparently the UK resident got himself an AT&T SIM card and an iPhone, courtesy of eBay, and then with a little lateral thinking has been able to use it on Vodafone.

Using the already known iASign trick, that apparently allows you to generate a valid SIM activation, the chap put the AT&T SIM into an O2 XDA handset, took it to Vodafone, got them to add it to his contract, then swapped the now Vodafone-compliant card into his iPhone, et volia!

Visual voicemail does not work, and there's no word on web browsing, but he has reported that he is using the phone for calls and texts.

Sceptics are still stating that this should not be possible, Vodafone has no comment on the matter.