Vodafone has scrapped "per megabyte" roaming charges for a fixed fee daily tariff and is pitching the new simple tariff as a reliable and competitively-priced alternative to Wi-Fi.

From 2 July the laptop data roaming prices drops to 12 euros (excluding VAT) per day (approx £8) for wireless roaming across Vodafone subsidiaries in Europe, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand, and with partners in France, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium

In countries where there is an HSDPA network, Vodafone Connect Abroad customers using a Vodafone Mobile Connect USB modem or a Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G broadband data card will be able to connect just as they do in their home country and benefit from download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps.

Any Vodafone customer who uses a wireless data product, uses their mobile handset as a modem or has a laptop with an embedded SIM card, can sign-up for Vodafone Connect Abroad free of charge.

Customers will pay nothing until they choose to connect abroad for a 24hr session. They can access the internet, emails or business network as many times as they choose for the 12 euro fee in the same 24 hour period on any Vodafone or partner network included in the offer. The fixed fee covers up to 50MB of data, after which the per megabyte charging kicks back in.