Vodafone has announced three new price plans for its wireless PC and laptop connectivity services.

"Mobile Broadband" offers flat rate monthly access at £25 so customers can enjoy the freedom of being connected all over the UK (over 80% population coverage) to Vodafone’s 3G broadband network.

These customers can also enjoy a 24 hour flat rate when connecting abroad in selected countries for just £8.50 per session.

"Mobile Broadband 24" is a 24-hour session that is now also available in the UK for occasional users or those who’d like to try the technology without committing to ongoing regular payments.

Customers can sign a contract and pay nothing until they chose to connect for a 24 hour session, which starts when you connect rather than running in certain time slots.

"Mobile Broadband Travel" is aimed at the extensive business traveller. For a flat rate of £95 per month, customers can benefit from bill predictability and 200MB on any network where Vodafone UK has a data roaming agreement.

For more information about the plans visit the link below.