Vodafone has revamped its Vodafone Live service in an attempt to complete head on with T-Mobile and its Web'n'walk service.

From today, millions of Vodafone UK customers will be able to access internet sites from their mobile phones for a single price of £7.50 a month.

Called Vodafone Mobile Internet, the system will all a no-hold-barred approach to the internet and allow users to do everything from updating their MySpace profile, through sending and receiving emails with AOL, Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo Mail amongst others, to buying and selling on eBay.

Vodafone says that mobile phone users will not have to upgrade their handset. The network opertor has said that the system will take pages designed for the computer, compress them by up to ten times on average and turn them into mobile-friendly content, making them easy to read on over 150 handsets without losing any of the information, or the design.

“Vodafone Mobile Internet will revolutionise the way our customers use the Internet”, says Nick Read, CEO of Vodafone UK. “They now have the freedom to explore a much wider world on an extensive range of handsets, experiencing the familiarity of the Internet they previously enjoyed via a computer."

Customers signing up to a data pack will pay £7.50, giving them up to 120MB of data for mobile internet use per month.

According to Vodafone 120MB could give a customer up to 4 hours watching YouTube or 160 mobile internet pages every day for a month or the ability to check and reply to urgent emails 10 times a day for a month.

A customer not signing up to a data pack will pay £1 for 500KB of usage each day. Usage of less than 500KB will incur a proportionately lower charge. Once the customer goes over 500KB they will experience no further costs until they have used 15MB.