Using your Vodafone data card aboard is to become cheap from July following a new pricing structure announced by Vodafone.

The mobile phone operator has announced customers in Europe will be able to use their data cards when roaming abroad for a flat rate fee of €12 for every day of use.

The tariff will be available to Vodafone customers with mobile-enabled laptops from 1 July 2007.

Vodafone say the new tariff will replace its complex "per Megabyte" tariffs with a simple flat fee for practically unlimited data usage.

The daily tariff enables Vodafone customers to send or receive data within a 24 hour period or one calendar day depending on the Vodafone market for a fixed fee of €12 plus VAT.

The fixed fee covers consumption within either a 24 hour period or a calendar day, up to 50MB of data, after which, the customer’s complex per-megabyte rate kicks back in.

As with Vodafone Passport there is no activation charge for opting into the daily roaming tariff.