Sending text messages is about to get even easier, thanks to a service from a company called SpinVox, the "Voice-to-Screen messaging experts".

Thanks to a new deal with Vodafone UK and a working relationship with Skype, its Spin-my-Vmail voice messaging service, which turns voice mail into text for email or SMS, will be extended to Vodafone customers and possibly to Skype as well.

"Previously there was no way to let users know they had messages on their Skype numbers unless they were online", explains co-found and VP at SpinVox, Daniel Doulton.

"Now, with, SpinVox, they will receive voice messages from their Skype number as text on their mobile even when they're offline."

SpinVox's new services will be rolled out across the Vodafone UK network this year.

They include Missed Call Messenger, which redirects callers to Spin-my-Text to record a message for text; Call Back Messenger, which lets users reply to a voicemail by text by speaking; and Fixed Line messenger, which lets callers speak a text from a landline to a mobile.

For consumers, the company is also launching Spin-my-Blog, letting users dictate blog entries to upload immediately, and Spin-my-memo, for note dictation.

We don't know if the voice message conversion system works well or not; if you try it, let us know how well it performs.