has long been threatening to join the mobile world to make it easier for the site's users to access their profile and online social life, and now it has, with Vodafone's help.

This isn't the first mobile deal for the News Corp. site; it has a deal with Cingular in the US that gave customers direct access for $2.99 a month.

The new Vodafone deal in the UK is the first step for Fox Interactive Media's site into the European mobile market.

The deal means that MySpace Mobile will be pre-loaded on to select Vodafone handsets, although the companies haven't said which ones yet. It will also be available for download from Vodafone live.

It will let MySpace addicts edit their profiles, find and add friends, and add photos and text to their blogs.

They'll also have quick access to MySpace messages (which begs the question, why not just text each other mobile to mobile rather than sending it through MySpace?).

No information about when the service will be available, pricing, or handset choice has yet been released - we'll keep you posted.