Mobile network providers are cutting the price for broadband as the high-speed internet service wars heat up.

Vodafone is launching the Vodafone at Home service, which is available for Vodafone contract customers from 8 January. The plan, which includes line rental, costs £25 a month, and gives customers unlimited 8MB broadband as well as free landline calls at any time, and 25% off calls to mobile.

The deal includes free connection from January, a free 6 month trial of Norton Internet Security 2006 software, a Netgear Ethernet modem, 10 email address, and three free microfilters for other phone lines. Vodafone also provides 24/7 UK-based phone support and online help.

Customers can also sign up for a half-price Mobile Connect USB Modem so that they can use Vodafone’s 3G broadband network from their laptops.

The deal is based on an 18-month contract separate from the mobile phone contract.

The Vodafone offering comes just a week after Orange unveiled its broadband package, which is slightly less expensive than Vodafone’s at £19.99, and also offers calls to landlines with VoIP.

Tiscali also offers a broadband and phone package for what they call £12.99, but which actually works out to £22.99 a month including line rental. The company only offers 1Mbps broadband speed.