Vodafone has announced its lineup of 3G handsets for the Christmas season today including the first ever devices from LG.

The line up includes 10 exclusive 3G phones sourced from top European, US and Asian manufacturers, with five of them at entry-level prices.

Vodafone will sell six HSDPA phones - devices that allow internet downloads at speeds several times those of current 3G phones - made by Motorola and Samsung Electronics.

The two handsets are the LG KU800 - a 3G slider handset with touch keypad - and the LG L600V, at entry level pricing. Both LG handsets support Vodafone live! with 3G services, including video telephony and full track music downloads.

Highlights include five exclusive handsets from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

The Nokia 6234 will be the first exclusive handset from Nokia with a 2 megapixel camera and stereo music speakers.

The Motorola V1100 is a 3G broadband phone with HSDPA and sporty design, while two Samsung models - the ZV40 and the Samsung ZV50 will compete against the Sony Ericsson V630i for music fans attention.

Also on the list will be the Sagem my600V and my800V, the Sharp 770SH and Vodafone’s first own branded 3G handset, the Vodafone 710 – will be another phone priced at the lower end to encourage further adoption of 3G services amongst the pre-pay market.