Vodafone has announced a new pricing structure for its monthly contract customers called "Your Price Plan" and "Your Extras".

In an attempt to compete with T-Mobile Flex Tariff, the company has launched a flexible pricing structure based around giving its users a set amount of inclusive texts, minutes and extras.

Over the 12 months Vodafone has reportedly struggled to keep up with its competitors such at T-Mobile in attracting new customers in the UK.

T-Mobile on the other hand has reportedly attracted over 800,000 customers since March, while Orange has reorganised its tariff structure around its "Animals" campaign that pigeon-holes customers in two distinct groups such as dolphins and raccoons.

Vodafone customers who apply for the packages can choose the level of inclusive minutes, texts or data services they receive as part of a monthly contract, including mobile television and music downloads. For example, customers who opt to take an 18-month contract at £35 a month could choose to receive 750 minutes and 250 texts or alternatively 500 minutes, 500 texts and six months of free mobile television. The packages range from £20 a month to £75 a month and can be combined with other Vodafone tariffs such as "Stop the Clock" and "Passport".

To ensure the new pricing structure isn't too confusing, Vodafone has said it has trained over 4000 staff on the new price plan to help customers make the decision that is best for them.

"With Your Price Plan and Your Extras Vodafone customers will get the best choice of any contract offering on the market. We've paid close attention to what contract customers want and what the market is currently offering. We believe we've come back with something that gives value to every customer - in the way they want it", said Tim Yates, a director at Vodafone UK.