Vodafone has improved its services for travellers to make it easier for people to phone from abroad.

The Traveller's Toolkit will welcome Vodafone live! customers as their homepage while roaming.

It gives access to Time Out City Guides, mobicasts from The Independent's travel writer Simon Calder, a language translator, and currency converter.

Most importantly, it gives quick access to pricing information on calling from abroad.

Vodafone also offers a Passport roaming tariff, which charges a connection fee of 75p per call and then charges users at their home tariff.

Users can sign up for Passport by calling 5555 from a mobile or visiting Vodafone's website


It doesn't cost extra to add Passport to a calling plan, and it's available for both contract and pay-as-you-go mobiles in all EU countries.

The last offering from Vodafone's services for travellers is a new customer service center, open in September, at Heathrow.