Vodafone has dropped its European roaming prices by 40 percent today for UK customers while traveling in Europe.

However the mobile operator has said that the price changes won't be in affect until April next year, meaning many will still be affected when they travel aboard this summer.

To get the benefits customers must register for a free Vodafone Passport. Available on both contract and pay as you talk, Vodafone Passport will then allow customers to pay their UK rates abroad for a one off connection fee of 75p per call.

The service can then be used in 14 European countries.

Vodafone has also announced that it will be launching a service that allows users to text the name of the country they will be calling from to 4636 to receive a return message detailing the charges for that country.

T-Mobile is also cutting its roaming charges to a flat rate off 55p a minute in Europe and North America from June 1 for all its customers. The new tariff is a 45 percent cut on T-Mobile’s current pre-pay European rates and a 27 percent reduction on its contract rates.