Vodafone has gone after the push email market with the launch of a new service that will go up directly against similar offerings found on such as BlackBerry Connect and Microsoft Windows Mobile-based devices.

Vodafone Business Email uses Visto Mobile and can securely send and receive email, calendar updates and changes to contacts in real time. For smaller companies and individuals, a personal solution that ‘pushes' internet emails to a wide selection of mobile phones1 in real time is available.

Mark Bond, Director of Enterprise Marketing for Vodafone UK said “Working with Visto, Vodafone has developed a product to meet the both the complex requirements of larger companies as well as the need of smaller organisations and individuals to add easy to manage email to their phone of choice.”

Users who sign up before 31 May 2006 will get the service for £28 a month on top of their voice tariff.

The service will be inclusive on certain Vodafone Business Email and Windows Mobile-based device price plans, and is already in place for users of BlackBerry Enterprise Server.