Vodafone, forever trying to boost mobile phone sales in the UK is offering the folk of Manchester the chance to get one from a vending machine.

Called "Quickphone" kiosks, the aim is to have an army of vending machines across the UK, for now however the first two kiosks have been installed in Manchester.

The contents will include the choice of three different phones that cost £30 and with £1 worth of credit as well as offering sim packs from £5 all payable via cash or chip and PIN payments.. The models will be changed on a monthly basis to keep up with new styles and trends.

The self-service models can be topped up with credit over the phone, at cash machines or in shops.

Head of Retail at Vodafone UK said: "Increasingly, more people know what they want from a phone and want to buy it when it suits them.

"These will be popular with people who need a phone in an emergency, either because they have lost their phone or it has run out of battery.

"They are for people who know what they want and who don't want to go through the rigmarole of talking to a sales assistant."