Vodafone has launched a new 3G datacard in the UK that will offer GPRS roaming capability in the USA.

Alongside offering new connectivity options for transatlantic business travellers Vodafone has also restructured its data card price plans and introducing a new offer of £30 per month for 200MBs of data.

It can be used over GPRS in 54 countries including the US and with the 3G network in eleven4 countries, across 250 cities.

While the PC software accompanying the card has been updated with improved function-specific buttons, including a separate WLAN button and a timer function denoting remaining WLAN airtime. The Apple Mac software has been left untouched for the time being, although Vodafone has said there are plans to upgrade the Mac version in the next week or two with some new, but limited features.

Prices for the new card depend on contract plans. Prices will start from £11.75 plus VAT for 5Mb of data transfer upto £88.12 plus VAT and 1000Mb of data transfer.