Vodafone has confirmed that from the 30th January subscribers of its new 3G service will be able to watch a Made-For-Mobile version of “24”.

Fox has produced a 24 x 1 minute videos - known as MOBISODES - for Vodafone customers to download and watch on their 3G mobile phones.

The mobisodes are linked to the television series, but in a very loose way.

"The stories stand on their own, to allow people to get what's going on regardless of whether they're watching the TV series or not." said a spokesman from Vodafone.

‘24: CONSPIRACY' will star newcomers DYLAN BRUCE as CTU agent Martin Kail, and BEVERLY BRYANT as former agent Susan Walker.

Each episode is priced 50p or £6 for the full series, with the first episode available free.

The mobisode ties in with the launch of the fourth series of the television show launching on the same day on Sky One.