Vodafone has announced that it will be offering its 3G data card for AppleMac users from today. The card, which has previously only been available to PC users up until now will offer 3G data access at speeds up to 384kbps.

Vodafone has taken the decision to introduce the Apple Mac variant judged on the wide amount of Apple Powerbook users in this country. Bill Morrow, CEO Vodafone UK, said, “Users of Apple Macs have a rich variety of working habits that we believe are ideally suited to the 3G environment. From business people through to designers and photographers - all of these professional communities have sub-groups, characterised by heavy and frequent mobile data use, that are devoted to the Mac.”

Depending on the price tariff you opt for will depend on how much the card will cost. Users expecting to use over 1000Mb will have a monthly bill of £75 ex VAT and an initial cost of £84 ex VAT. More infrequent users can opt for the Mobile Connect Low package that starts at £10 ex VAT per month with an initial cost of the card being £169 ex VAT.