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(Pocket-lint) - If you're looking for a cracking deal on the Samsung Galaxy S9 then we've got an excellent deal for you - get the 64GB Galaxy S9 for £23 a month. 

There is a £190 upfront cost, but the deal still represents stonking value for money over the life of the contract. You get 4GB of data plus unlimited texts and minutes. And you can have the handset in black, blue or purple. 

Total cost over two years: £727

Get this top Samsung S9 deal

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Buy the Galaxy S9 SIM-free

The Galaxy S9 price is £739 in the UK and $719.99 in the US. It's worth noting the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have also been heavily reduced in price.

Here's our pick of retailers selling the Galaxy S9 SIM free:

Samsung | Carphone Warehouse | Mobiles.co.uk |  Fonehouse |  Best Buy  | John Lewis

Compare the best Galaxy S9 contract deals

Check out our Galaxy S9 comparison table below, updated in real time with the best deals. If you can't see the deal you're after, check back again for more deals.

Simply use the drop-down menus and sliders to find the perfect Galaxy S9 or S9+ contract for you. Whether you want more data or unlimited minutes, there's sure to be a Galaxy S9 deal for you. 

Note to mobile users: You may not be able to see our price comparison tool; tackle this by scrolling to the top of your mobile browser, and clicking on the link button which will then display all the best deals for the Samsung Galaxy S9.


The best Galaxy S9 deals from retailers and networks

The best Galaxy S9 deals on EE

EE are the most used network in the UK and they offer the highest speeds with up to 60mbps. We've worked out the best deals available for each type of customer.

Samsung Galaxy S9 customers who order with EE on a Max plan will get 60GB of data for the price of 20GB plus 24 months access to the BT Sport app and a whole host of additional EE benefits including Wi-Fi Calling. See this offer here on EE.

EE is also giving Samsung fans the opportunity to save £250 when they trade-in their existing Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

Best selling plan for Samsung Galaxy S9

EE have narrowed down their best plan which includes 60GB data (was 20GB) for £68.00 a month with a handset cost of only £10.00 which gives you access to 24 months of BT sports and use your calls, texts and data in the EU as well as Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and the USA. See their best selling plan here.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Max plan

The S9 on EE Max plan is from £68.00 a month with a one-off cost of £10.00 on a 24 month contract, which includes 60GB of data (was 20GB) and unlimited minutes and texts.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Essential plan

The S9 is available on an EE Essential plan from £58.00 a month with a one-off cost of £50.00 on a 24-month contract, which includes 10GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts.

EE also have another deal for the S9 which is available on EE Essential plan from £63.00 a month with a one-off cost of £50.00 on a 24-month contract, which includes 30GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts

Carphone Warehouse

Good deals to look out for include the Galaxy S9 on EE for £129.99 upfront at £48pm with 15GB of data a month, £99.99 upfront at £49pm with 20GB on O2, and £129.99 upfront at £47pm with 16GB on Vodafone.

For the Galaxy S9+ the deals to watch are £99.99 upfront at £63pm with 25GB on EE, £129.99 upfront at £61pm with 20GB on O2, and £99.99 upfront at £63pm with 16GB with Vodafone.  


Mobiles.co.uk tend to be for the more price savvy customers and they usually have great discounts on. Most of the the they offer better deals than the networks themselves. Use our chart to find the best Samsung Galaxy S9 deals below.

  • 12GB data, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts for £37 per month over a 24 month contract with an upfront cost of £140. Total cost over 2 years is £1,168. See full plan details here.




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Writing by Dan Grabham.