Vodafone has announced that customers in the UK will now enjoy the benefits of HD Voice when making calls between compatible handsets on the Vodafone 3G network.

HD Voice is designed to enhance conversations you make on the mobile network, so that people sound more natural and come through loud and clear.

Also called wideband audio, HD Voice has been in place in the UK since 2010 when it was launched on the Orange network. T-Mobile (EE) and Three followed.

Vodafone say that the addition of HD Voice is a result of a £1 billion network and services upgrade. 

To take advantage of HD Voice you'll need a handset that supports the wideband codecs used. This is pretty common in modern smartphones, with the handset automatically switching to higher quality when you're making a call.

If you're a 4G customer you also get support, as you switch to the 3G network when placing calls.

HD Voice is a seamless addition to the network, it costs you nothing extra and you don't have to do anything.