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(Pocket-lint) - This Saturday Phones4u will debut its new advertising campaign on British TV. It will screen across Channel 4, ITV2, E4, Comedy Central and Sky. And it makes us weep.

Like Vodafone and Currys & PC World, each with their former borderline abuses of Star Wars characters in order to sell their wares, Phones4u has turned to another of our favourite classic film franchises; Back to the Future.

The #FutureYou campaign features the iconic DeLorean from the movie franchise and a Phones4u staff member showing a customer what her life could be like in the future if she buys what looks like a Samsung Galaxy S5 which, it is claimed, will last the two interim years.

In just a couple of years time, she'll acquire a helicopter's pilot licence, become a famous actress, own a yacht and generally be all rich and famous. Yet she'll still be stingy enough not to upgrade. And, to be honest, if she were really rich and famous by then Samsung would be paying her to take selfies on its latest phone and post them on Twitter. Next to whoever holds the keys to the White House at that time.

Seriously though, we love a giggle ourselves when it comes to adverts, but why the constant need to trivialise our most revered classic 80s movies? What's next? Carphone Warehouse does the Goonies? A Bodyform advert with Olivia Newton John in those tight Saturday Night Fever pants? Freddy Kruger advertising Morphy Richards kitchen appliances? 

Mind you, we did have ET in a BT ad back in the 90s, so maybe it's not that new an idea after all.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 17 July 2014.