Vodafone has announced that it is scrapping extra charges for data roaming or using minutes and texts in other countries.

Vodafone WorldTraveller enables the network's Pay Monthly customers to use their existing minutes, texts and data plans when abroad in the USA, India, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Ghana, Qatar and South Africa. It's similar to Three's offering to its customers, although in this case it will cost £5 a day while Three provides the service for free.

Travellers to Europe already get the benefit of using their existing plans on Vodafone with the EuroTraveller add-on, which currently costs an extra £2 a day. That offer ends on 31 August and will rise to £3 a day thereafter.

To opt into WorldTraveller, Vodafone Pay Monthly customers need only call 5555 when in a participating country. They will only pay the £5 surcharge for the days they use their mobile when there.

For more information, such as which destinations Vodafone EuroTraveller covers, go to vodafone.co.uk/goabroad.