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(Pocket-lint) - Vodafone UK has introduced a fixed price promise for all customers. It will not increase the price of mobile line rental throughout the entire duration of a contract.

From 23 January, UK independent communications regulator Ofcom introduced a ruling that customers entering new contracts with networks from that date will be able to give 30 days notice to leave that contract if prices were increased. Vodafone, however, has introduced its new promise for all customers, not just those who joined from the end of January.

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"We asked our customers what they thought was fair when it came to charging, and the clear majority told us that it was unacceptable to increase monthly prices during the contract term," said Cindy Rose, consumer director at Vodafone.

"So from now on, when you sign up with us, a deal’s a deal, and we promise the monthly price you pay will stay the same for the period of your contract term, provided you stick within your allowance."

Prices for services outside of the monthly line rental agreement might still rise during the term, such as calls to premium rate numbers and non-geographic numbers. Data roaming fees can also go up, in accordance to the original Ofcom ruling.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 9 May 2014.