An own-branded Vodafone phone that goes by the moniker Smart 4G is planned for release in the UK it seems, a fact revealed by an FCC filing that passes it fit for public consumption in the US.

The Federal Communications Commission in America has been a constant source of interesting upcoming phone details, thanks to the fact that any manufacturer wanting to release a device with any sort of wireless technologies in the States needs the organisation's approval. It then posts the applications for the testing process and voila, we all get a gander.

Engadget spotted that a rebadged Chinese device, the Coolpad 8860U, had popped up on the FFC's site with details of its Vodafone heritage. Interesting to those in the US is that Vodafone has no presence there, so it is presumed it must be heading to the UK instead.

If so, expect it to be as entry level a 4G handset is likely to get, offering superfast data connectivity for peanuts. And who can argue with that?