Vodafone has said that it is interested in stocking only 4G devices in the future, following the announcement that its 4G service will go live on 29 August in the UK.

Talking to journalists after the announcement, Guy Laurence, CEO of Vodafone UK, said that while the network would still offer 3G phones, like the iPhone, it was focusing on 4G for all top-tier and mid-range handsets.  

"Vodafone is really only interested in 4G-ready smartphones from now on," he said. "The more we can we sell the cheaper it becomes for the public."

Laurence also suggested that having seen the devices due for the back-end of the year, he was excited about what was to come.

Those 4G devices could include new phones from LG, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Apple, all of which, aside from Apple, have announced new 4G-ready handsets are coming in the next couple of months.