Contactless payments with your mobile phone could soon become far more common, after Vodafone announced it was launching a global NFC service.

The operator has chosen Gemalto, a digital security firm, to help it deploy NFC services to various Vodafone subsidiaries as well as third parties such as banks, retailers and modes of transport.

Vodafone claims that the partnership could see hundreds of millions of subscribers around the world using their mobile phone to “wave and pay”.

NFC contactless payments via a mobile phone enable users to swipe their phone over a reader, which in turn deducts money you have stored virtually on your handset. Along with retail transactions, you could use your phone on public transport, for example, touching in as you would with an Oyster card on the London Underground.

Though NFC and contactless payment methods already exist, it has failed to materialise as many had hoped, with retailers slow to embrace the technology and concerns from consumers about security.

However, with Vodafone and Gemalto launching a scheme of this scale, NFC contactless payments could soon become the norm.