Voda has turned to Yoda, as the Jedi Master stars in a video commercial to promote the operator’s universal chargers that are being fitted into London’s black cabs.

Sadly for Yoda, the chargers' versatility doesn’t stretch to lightsabers so Luke Skywalker’s mentor is left wanting. 

The video is to promote the fact that commuters can top up their mobile phone and tablet's batteries while catching a lift in one of London’s black cabs. The charger is fixed into the rear passenger’s door and can be used to juice up the iPhone, iPad, Nokia's, Blackberry’s and Android devices.

Vodafone used real-life taxi driver and “East End barrow boy” Jason Hinton to chauffeur Yoda around Piccadilly Circus and to his credit he appeared undaunted by the fact he had a short, green, linguistically challenged creature in the back of his cab.

Mind you it’s probably not the weirdest thing he’s had to endure while ferrying people around.

Have you topped up your phone in the back of a London black cab? Let us know...