Vodafone is rolling out a new and improved VIP Recharge Truck for summer festivals this year, including the Isle of Wight Festival in June.

"Our 44 tonne rig has still got the same monster recharging capacity as last year, but now it’s sporting built-in DJ booths and next-gen hand-scanners that’ll keep your phone safe, and cut the queue for collecting it too," says Vodafone on its new company blog.

New this year is a palm vein reader that will identify you using the pattern of blood vessels just under your skin, saving customers that use the recharging station the hassle of wearing wristbands and showing proof of identity. According to Vodafone, it will even work if your hands are caked in festival mud.

"Already in use by Japanese banks, the infrared Palm Vein Readers verify identity in just a couple of seconds, and because they use biometric technology are impossible to fool," says the operator.  

Inside, there's space for 2,000 phones to recharge at once.

If you are running low on battery at your next festival make sure you try to track down the truck.