Vodafone says it has "priority" on the Samsung Galaxy S III, offering UK customers the handset a day early on 29 May. 

"Samsung have said 30 May, but we've been told we can have it on the 29 of May," a Vodafone salesman told Pocket-lint over the phone. "You'll be the first to have it."

Samsung announced a Korean launch date of 29 May when the device was unveiled at Earl's Court, London, during the global press event. This was followed by confirmation of a 30 May availability date for the UK.

In our call with Vodafone, the salesman confirmed that it had priority and was starting a "priority list", looking to get eager customers signed up for the new Android superphone and promising to have it a day early.

Vodafone will be offering both the blue and white versions in 16GB and 32GB options.

Vodafone has also confirmed its Samsung Galaxy S III prices with the launch of its pre-order page. You'll be able to get the phone free from £41 on a 2-year contract, giving you 900mins of talk, unlimited text and 2GB of data.

There is a full range of price plans available and the pre-order page lets you click through them easily so you can see what you'd get on 12, 18 or 24-month contracts.

If you're on Vodafone, it's worth checking out the prices and if you registered for information at launch, you might just get a call offering you the phone a day early.

Until then, make sure you check out our Samsung Galaxy S III hands-on for all the details.

UPDATE: Following our sales call, Vodafone has been in touch with the following statement: 

"We have no priority access to Samsung Galaxy SIII stock ahead of launch and we're expecting to deliver pre-ordered devices on the 30 May, Samsung's official launch date for the UK, not before."

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