Vodafone is clearly hoping to get the lion’s share of iPhone 4S orders when the new Apple phone comes out on Friday 14 October; especially as it has announced that it is dropping its pricing to encourage would-be iPhone owners.

Vodafone has dropped its pricing for both its 18-month and 2-year contract offerings.

Vodafone is now offering the iPhone 4S 16GB for £239 if you sign a £26 a month contract, £169 if you pay £31 a month, £99 if you pay £36 a month, and £49 if you pay £41 a month. That’s up to £120 cheaper than they were just last week when the network announced pre-order pricing.

The prices for the iPhone 4S 32GB model are also reduced.

A 32GB model on £26 a month contract will cost £359, £269 if you pay £31 a month, and £199 if you pay £36 a month.

Finally, Vodafone has also confirmed it will be dropping the price of the 64GB model to £449, £379, and £269. A reduction of up to £70 on previous pricing.

"We’ve looked at the offers available to customers and wanted to ensure we remained competitive. Whilst we’ve seen very good take up across all models of iPhone we want to offer the best value available. We think that this, coupled with Data Test Drive, BuyBack, our collect in store service and our reputation as the UK’s best Network, makes us the natural choice for iPhone customers," Vodafone has told Pocket-lint.

Sadly the move has meant that the previous £59 cashback deal, that customers who pre-ordered early received, has ended.

Those that did get the cashback and are now out of pocket by more than £59 will get the new deal prices.

Vodafone says the new cheaper prices aren’t due to poor sales, saying that it has "seen really good sales" so far.