Vodafone has exclusively confirmed to Pocket-lint that it will be selling non Apple Micro SIM cards for devices other than the iPhone 4 and Apple iPad 2 in the "not too distant future", after we were tipped that the company was creating generic Micro SIMs without the iPhone or iPad branding on the packaging.

"We don't comment on rumour and speculation but we do regularly refresh Micro and regular SIM collateral to ensure it's clear and relevant to all customers with compatible devices. Our Micro SIMs would work in any device which requires a Micro SIM to connect to our network. Bar their size, there is no difference between a Micro SIM and regular SIM."

"Meh," we hear you cry, but hold on... There are currently no other devices on the market that use the Micro SIM, so technically, Vodafone has let the cat out of the bag about a yet to be launched device due imminently.

What could it be?

Well, we know that HTC is expected to be announcing new Android devices in the coming weeks, but the move to include a Micro SIM would be a radical change for the company. And while it could be a possibility, we aren’t so sure about the timings.

To introduce a new SIM card size this late in the year, and this late in its 2011 product portfolio, would be a strange move from HTC and one we seriously doubt will happen.

That leaves LG, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Nokia.

From what we can tell, LG hasn’t got any further smartphones or tablets primed for a 2011 launch. Motorola’s latest barrage of leaks didn’t imply Micro SIM was on board or that the phones would be launching any time soon; and Sony Ericsson, like LG, isn’t expected to launching anything more this year after the Arc S - and we've already seen that with a normal SIM card.

That leaves Samsung and Nokia.

Samsung still has the Ice Cream Sandwich-packed Nexus Prime on the horizon. Plus, both Samsung and Google have a strong history with Vodafone, hinting that the Prime will be packing a Micro SIM and be out shortly. It certainly fits the rumours.

But the other, and possibly more tempting, alternative for Micro SIM adoption is the forthcoming Nokia Windows Phone 7 device or devices (Nokia refuses to confirm either way). After all, we know at least one exists, as it was in Conor Pierce's (the general manager for UK and Ireland) pocket during our recent one-to-one briefing

It certainly makes sense. Such a move by either phone maker could both save space in the handset for a smaller, thinner design, and allow iPhone 4 and, presumably, iPhone 5 users to seamlessly move over to the mystery smartphone without having to request another SIM card or faff around with a Micro SIM to regular SIM adapter.

We are continuing to dig and will keep you posted.

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