Vodafone is about to launch it’s own Facebook phone for those not impressed by the HTC ChaCha.

Images of a new, yet to be announced smartphone sporting the Facebook logo and QWERTY keyboard have appeared online.

Although Vodafone declined to comment when we phoned them on Friday, the official looking press shots that have leaked onto the web have their name all over them - literally.

If that wasn’t enough proof of an imminent release, the social networking phone looks incredibly similar to the company’s recently announced Vodafone Smart touchscreen Android touting smartphone made by Huawei.

Vodafone has already confirmed that it will be stocking the HTC ChaCha in the next couple of weeks, the other Facebook phone on the block, however this newer offering could be solely for the Pay As You Go market offering a cheap option for those hooked on Facebook and unable to afford HTC's offering.

The unnamed Facebook phone features a landscape display, and a full QWERTY keyboard with a dedicated Facebook button for quick access to the social networking site. 

No word on a release date sadly.