Charging your phone at a festival isn't the easiest thing in the world. And whilst there's some merit to the anaerobic digestion processes (basically, using waste to generate power) no-one at a festival is likely to be seen plugging their charger into a massive cow pat - no matter how strong their magic mushroom high is.

So that's where the super Vodafone VIP truck will come in handy. It's an absolute beast of a machine that packs enough of a punch to simultaneously charge 2,000 devices at once - provided that device is connected to Vodafone, or course.

The truck will get its first outing at the Isle of Wight Festival next month, with 10 more festivals (including Wireless, T in the Park and Hard Rock Calling) on its agenda.

So, if you're low on juice, are packing an Android, BlackBerry, Nokia or Apple phone and are a Vodafone customer you can take a visit to the 44 tonne truck for a power-up.

Good luck getting a signal though, or hearing your pals speak back when you're listening to the Foo Fighters.