Vodafone has moved to simplify it’s tariff when it comes to tethering, following O2’s announcement in March.

“We've received a number of questions in the past about tethering and wanted to come back to you with an update, as there are some price plan changes in the pipeline that we think will be of interest to you,” starts the company in a forum post alerting users affected of a newer simplified system.  

“We'll be shortly introducing new price plans that will enable both new and existing customers to utilise tethering features as part of their data bundle on all devices which support the capability.”

Unfortunately, Vodafone isn’t yet ready to dish out those details, but it basically means that the small number of people that do have a tethering package should be better off in the future.

What it won’t mean, however, is iPhone 4 users getting a free ride to activate tethering from their phone.

Currently, Vodafone insists that tethering packages use separate data allocations to your phone’s data allocation. So if your phone comes with 500MB and your tethering package is 2GB you can’t use the data between the two. When this new plan comes in that will change.

Vodafone is fairly late to the game on this one, O2 has already announced that it is to offer customers a “data is data” package that allows you to do exactly what Vodafone is proposing.

That leaves Everything Everywhere, the parent company of Orange and T-Mobile, trailing behind. It is yet to announce whether it will follow suit.

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