“Merry Christmas” Go on, how many people did you send that too on the 25th? Well according to Vodafone, it’s customers sent over 100m text messages on Christmas Day alone.

This year saw the first true smartphone Christmas Day, with massive increases in mobile web use and texting, according Vodafone.

In total 101.4 million SMS text messages were sent across the Vodafone network yesterday, some 27% more than on Christmas Day last year. 

The peak came at the turn of midnight, with nearly one million messages recorded in just five minutes as people sent their festive wishes to friends and family.

And you weren’t just texting, but surfing the internet as well.

Demand for mobile internet access and downloads was the highest ever for Christmas Day, with people across the country using almost 35,000GB of data. That's the equivalent of downloading almost 9 million songs and nearly 70 per cent higher than the usage seen on Christmas Day last year.

"Whether they are updating their social networking profiles to send best wishes to their friends, uploading photos to the web so they can share them with family, or sending a text, people are embracing the power of mobile phones," said Guy Laurence, CEO of Vodafone UK.

"With a bumper crop of smartphones available this Christmas, including several on pay as you go for the first time, many people also found the latest devices waiting for them under the Christmas tree and have been trying them out for the first time."

And Pocket-lint would have to agree, traffic to the site on Christmas Day was up around 25% on 2009’s figures suggesting (and if you are reading this on Boxing day even more so) that we really can’t say away from our friend the Internet.