Figures released by Vodafone have revealed that we're just crazy for sending pictures of the snow to our buddies.

Over 750,000 pictures were taken and sent by MMS from Vodafone UK customers on 1 December, as people woke up to Winter Wonderland scene in their back gardens and streets.

Between 6am and noon, the volume of picture messages sent on the Vodafone network was up 155 per cent on the corresponding period from the previous week and MMS sending was up 63 per cent for the whole day.

It's not clear how many of those messages were people sending pictures of snowmen to their pals, and how many were people trying to prove to their bosses that they had been snowed in. We're guessing there were plenty of the latter.

Calls made on Vodafone's network yesterday were also up more than 17 per cent, and people sent 15 per cent more texts than in the previous week.

The snow is set to turn to ice now according to the Met Office, so Pocket-lint will await the news that people are sending more videos by MMS as people take a tumble when they're out and about.