Vodafone has announced a couple of changes to its EU mobile roaming plans, making it cheaper for you to check your email and tweet away whilst you're on the Continent.

The Vodafone Day Traveller plan means that you'll get 25MB per day of data allowance. And whilst that means you still won't be able to stream HD videos, or hook up your Spotify app when you're visiting the Louvre, you will be able to read and reply to around 250 emails, access Facebook, watch around 25 minutes of SD YouTube or access 65 different maps.

The Day Traveller costs £2 a day, or you can sign up for £10 a month.

If you're already a Vodafone customer on £40 a month, and peeved that you only get 5MB of data roaming with your deal then calm down, because your allowance will automatically rise to 25MB.

The revamped plans go live on 1 December.