With so many HTC handsets flying out unofficially, it's hard to keep up sometimes isn't it?

The latest pre-launch Windows Phone 7 rumour is that Vodafone will be stocking the HTC 7 Trophy in the UK come the end of the month.

The news, which comes hot on the heals of details that Orange will be stocking the HTC Mozart, has been uncovered by wmexperts.com who've found that the new yet-to-be-announced Windows Phone 7 device has started to populate the carrier's invoice systems. 

The HTC 7 Trophy just showed up in Vodafone's network as a contract handset, as the picture clearly states. 

How do we know it's Vodafone? Well two listings down is the Nokia N8 Green, an exclusive to the UK carrier.

But it's not all about Windows Phone 7, the Motorola Defy is listed in the picture as well - confirming that Vodafone will be stocking that handset as well - something that we don't currently know officially. 

Of course Vodafone isn't commenting on any of it.