Vodafone has confirmed that its Android 2.2 Over the Air update for the HTC Desire will be coming on Monday 23 August.

"The Android 2.2 update for HTC Desire will start to be available to Vodafone customers from Monday 23 August," the operator said on its website.

"Our priority has been to make sure that the software does what we said it will do. This meant testing took a little longer than anticipated. Customers will receive an alert telling them that their handset is ready for an update and this alert will be phased over a two week period," Vodafone has said.

Vodafone is giving different instructions for whether or not users have already installed the Vodafone 360 update that came out earlier in the month.

"If you did not download the Vodafone 360 update, follow the first set of instructions below to download the Android 2.2 update when prompted to," says the company.

"If you did download the Vodafone 360 software, once you have the 2.2 update, these guidelines also explain what you need to do to remove that content from your device, depending on the current software configuration of your HTC Desire. "