If anyone out there was hoping that the dissemination of the iPhone 4 over numerous networks would mean that there would be better deals as a result of the carriers vying for our attention, then the revelation today of Vodafone's iPhone 4 pricing has put pay to that.

Because, like O2 and Orange, there's nothing revolutionary about Vodafone's prices. It's as if the big networks have all agreed to keep the prices up and as a result, we're sure that they'll see the money keep rolling in.

Vodafone's tariffs are, more or less, exactly the same as Orange's when it comes to 24-month deals, although you will get more minutes and unlimited texts from £30 a month which is good news if you were looking to sign up to a cheaper contract. There's also 250MB more mobile data allowed than Orange's "unlimited" 750MB.

On 18-month deals Vodafone has undercut Orange a bit however. Whereas you'd have to pay £229 for the 16GB iPhone 4, or £319 for the 32GB one on an 18-month deal at £35 a month on Orange, you can get these handsets for £169 and £269 respectively for the same monthly outlay. You will get slightly less minutes of calls though.

So now, we wait for T-Mobile, Three and, most interestingly, Tesco to see how they price the next-gen phone. Will anyone blow us out of the water? We doubt it very much.