Vodafone has called upon the Twitter community in order to build an interactive map of its network coverage.

If you're a Vodafone user you can send a quick tweet from wherever you are and help to create a virtual representation of the Vodafone network. Simply send a tweet with the #vodafonesignal hashtag followed by your whereabouts, the type of connection you've got (3G, EDGE etc.), how many bars of coverage your phone is showing, whether you're indoors or outside and the phone that you're using.

If you didn't understand that (and you really should have as it isn't exactly rocket science) here's one we made earlier:

vodafone calls on you to build coverage mashup map image 3

If your anti-Twitter then you can log your info via the website, which can be found here as can all the data collected so far.

Check out this video below if you're still having problems understanding the concept: