Vodafone has revealed set data roaming plans for its customers who want to access data on their phones from abroad. From June 15, customers will pay £1 per MB for the first 5MBs in Europe, and £5 per 5MB after that, and £3 per MB for the first 5MBs in the rest of the world, £15 per 5MB thereon after.

Users will also get a text to warn them if they are approaching a limit to help them keep track of their data spending.

5MB may not sound a lot, but if you stick to mobile friendly web pages then Vodafone says you'll be able to load about 250 pages. Best to load up the web friendly versions of all your favourite sites into your bookmarks before you travel then. 

Vodafone has also announced plans for cheaper calls from South Africa during June or July, where there's the small matter of the World Cup taking place. England fans following the Three-Lions in South Africa will be able to call home at normal UK rates after a 75p connection fee.

For a full breakdown of all of Vodafone's roaming charges look no further than right here.