An 18 year-old first year Computer Science student has just won a whopping 25,000 euros for developing and submitting a mobile widget for Vodafone's newly created AppStar competition.

The App, called JoggerTracker, uses GPS to calculate information such as the amount of calories burned and distance travelled during a run as well as displaying this information on a graph along with information from previous runs. It took the top spot, with judges, including our very own Stuart Miles, praising the user experience of the app.

Mark Salvin first got into computers when he was 14 years old, when he asked his parents if he could take apart their old family computer, and put it back together. He tinkered with the OS and modified it to improve the computer’s performance. This tinkering quickly became an obsession, and at the start of year 12, he started developing websites and programming with a friend, writing in Javascript and HTML.

Salvin isn’t sure what to do with the money, so is planning to put most of it in the bank for now, he could put on quite a party at his student union - at £2 a pint he could treat his fellow students to 10,858 pints of their finest lager.

The app claimed the 25,000 euro local prize and will now go head-to-head against the seven other country winners in a public vote to decide the overall winner of the competition and a total prize of 100,000 euros.

Also highly commended by the Vodafone expert panel were Richard Wilson for Pokerzzle, who claimed second place, and Nick Sheard for TrailTrak, placed third. They will each receive 15,000 euros and 10,000 euros respectively.

Entrants were asked to design an app for the company's 360 interface available on phones like the Samsung H1.