Vodafone hasn't gone as far as putting a date on when they will be stocking the Nexus One from Google, but on Friday morning, the UK operator has started taking details of prospective customers that are interested.

In a move that will no doubt get Android fans looking for the "pure" Google Android experience giddy with excitement, anyone keen enough to submit their details will be able to stay "in touch" with the UK operator to get more information as and when it's available.

Although users still aren't able to pre-order the device, based on how the company has previously run things, with this system it means a launch isn't too far off.

Vodafone has always said that it would stock the phone in the UK on contract for those not keen to go direct, however until now it was just words rather than actions.

The question is, with the HTC Desire about to be released in the UK as well, has Vodafone left it too late to woo would-be Android fans to the party?