Revealing it has sold nearly 300,000 Vodafone 360 Samsung H1 and M1 phones, Vodafone has announced the availability of a "Vodafone People" app for Android phones.  

Due to be available soon from Google Marketplace, it will see Android users getting in on the Vodafone 360 action by using Vodafone People, one of the suite of Vodafone 360 services, which "automatically syncs all contacts from a phone and aggregate social network feeds, chat and email accounts into one single, connected address book".

Vodafone says the "ultimate goal" for 360 is to be available as widely as possible, across multiple operating systems and devices and open to all customers, regardless of network operator.  

"Introducing an app for Android phones is a significant step forward, and we expect to announce the inclusion of additional platforms and devices in the near future", said Pieter Knook, internet services director for Vodafone.

"Today, the Vodafone People service is available on a hundred phones across five platforms, and to customers of any network. Registrations to the 360 service are increasing, running at a rate of four thousand a day in January".