Pocket-lint can confirm that Sony Ericsson's delayed Xperia X2 has been dumped from Vodafone's future line-up.

In a far cry from the proud exclusive the operator announced for the device with plans to range it exclusively until 31 December 2009, Vodafone has now confirmed the Windows Mobile handset "will not be released by Vodafone in the UK".

The X2's delay - which we brought you news of amongst headlines about two other Sony Ericsson handsets, the Satio and the Aino, suffering issues - is the reason.

"Sony Ericsson can confirm that the X2 will not be released by Vodafone in the UK", reads the statement we received from Vodafone.

"The delivery date of the product has slipped due to extended testing and the product, that was exclusive to Vodafone in the UK, no longer fits within their planned portfolio".

"Sony Ericsson is disappointed not to make this phone available to consumers in the UK but 2010 will see the company offering a number of innovative, stand-out products in the market", says Sony Ericsson. It will be interesting to see how many of them Vodafone choose to stock.

Meanwhile early reports suggest that the due date for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, the planned Android-based follow up to the X2, has also slipped - from February to March 2010.

We will keep you posted.