With rumours rife about the when, whereabouts and whyfores of the Nexus One to the UK, Vodafone has issued a FAQ page on the company's website to clear up a few of the issues.

The key points are that the phone is available now from the Nexus One site SIM-free and independently of Vodafone for users in the UK, US, Hong Kong and Singapore. However, the phone will be arriving subsidised on the Vodafone UK network from early spring 2010.

Taking that literally, 1 March would be the earliest spring date. However, a Vodafone spokeswoman has already stated that the Nexus One will be arriving in "a few short weeks", so someone somewhere is mistaken or they're being rather liberal with their definitions of time.

As far as pricing goes, all the company will say is that the Nexus One price plans will be "similar to those Vodafone offers for its wide range of smartphones" - quite possibly matching the iPhone in the way that O2 did with the Palm Pre.

The phone will be available subsidised or SIM-free and part of the Super SIM deals, but only purchased through the Google Nexus One website. Customer support will come both from Google and Vodafone.

We'll give you precise prices and dates when word hits.