Spring 2010 has apparently come early with the news that Vodafone is to stock the Nexus One within the next few weeks.

Word has come through a Vodafone spokeswoman just 2 days after the phone's launch event in California, despite early indications that we'd have to wait a while to receive a subsidised version of the handset outside of the States. She said:

"I can confirm that Vodafone is the first operator to partner with Google to offer the Nexus One in Europe, starting soon in the UK, in a few short weeks. No detail on pricing and precise timing has yet been made, but that will come in a few weeks".

Whether or not the date has been brought forward is another question but with the latest Android phone already available SIM-free in the UK, as well as three other test areas over the globe, it seems prudent of the network to capitalise on early adopters while it can.

The spokeswoman stated that discussions for deals in France, Germany and Spain were ongoing but that the company intends on taking the handset beyond the EU as well.

At the same time, AFP reports that O2 has no current plans to stock the Nexus One at all. A spokesperson for the rival network said:

"We have no current announcement to make about supporting the Google Nexus One but we will continue to review and refresh our product range to ensure we meet the demands of our customers".

Interesting times ahead in the network wars, particularly as Orange and Vodafone get set with the iPhone 3GS as well.